"Author Martin Kendall hits on every salient and terrifying point about modern life during this wild ride of a thriller novel, and it is those nods to our own reality which make the book all the more riveting for it. Intellectual and astute on many levels beyond the story itself, this is a book that keeps you thinking long after you put it down."  - Readers’ Favorite, 5/5

"The Freedom Building by Martin Kendall is a psychological novel featuring a protagonist whose battle with his inner demons becomes more fascinating than any action-driven narration." - OnlineBookClub,  4/4

"A plot that keeps you guessing overlays a much deeper exploration of memory, repression, and identity in this mind-bending read. Rife with visceral passages of confusion and cognitive chaos, readers are led into the labyrinth of a troubled brain as Gowan tries to uncover his own repressed secrets, leading to an explosive conclusion that will stick in readers’ minds long after the final page. Weaving timely themes of patriotism, terrorism, mental health, and the nature of reality, Kendall delivers impressively with The Freedom Building, for a cerebral yet gripping psychological thriller." Self-Publishing Review, 5/5